A Weekend of Tango in Tampa
Event Prices
Package A
Full Weekend  -  All Events              -  $295  ($260 if paid by Jan 28th)
8 classes                                        
2 milongas                                      
Sunday's Dinner - Dance - Show   

Package B
All Workshops only                          -  $255  ($220 if paid by Jan 28th)
8 Intermediate Classes or              
8 Advanced Classes                      

Package C
Any five workshops                         -  $160  ($140 if paid by Jan 28th)
any 5 Intermediate Classes or        
any 5 Advanced Classes                

Individual Classes                             -  $ 35                                         

Friday Night Milonga
                        -  $ 15                                         

Saturday Night Milonga
                   -  $ 15                                         

"A Night of Tango in Tampa"     
Dinner - Dance - Show   -  $48               
Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo
Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn
plus Live Music by
"Sexteto Arrabal"
Event Schedule
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Night of Tango Show
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