Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo
Fernanda and Guillermo are one of the most dynamic and popular couples in the world of Argentine Tango, both as performers and as teachers. 
As performers, they have danced on every continent as featured performers in 'Forever Tango', 'Tango Magic', and in their own production 'Tango Dreams'.
They are best known for their extremely passionate and dramatic performances that always tell a story, but they are equally comfortable with comedy or impressionistic tributes.
They are also sought after teachers all around the world and have taught at prestigious events such as CITA in Buenos Aires, the USTC in Miami as well as conducting their own workshops.  Their classes focus on improving peoples dancing through technique and musicality.  They will work on specific aspects, such as dancing with your torso, boleos, sacadas, etc.

The style of dancing that they teach is not easily categorized.  They prefer to dance very close, but not strictly milonguero style and though they are fabulous stage dancers, they are also wonderful improvisational social dancers, and that is what they will be teaching.  
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